Hi! I am Zhanwen Chen (he/him/his), a Ph.D. student the at the Reasoning and Knowledge Discovery (RISE) Lab at The University of Georgia.

My CV is here

Research Interest

I am fascinated by one research question: how to develop computational systems that could extract, understand, accumulate, and reason with syntactic knowledge from videos and text? I try to ground this long-term goal to the following problems:

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Fun things

I'm a classically trained pianist and a singer (baritone). My favorite composers are J.S. Bach, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Francis Poulenc. Fun fact: at one point in life I almost became a professional pianist but I decided against the conservatory life. Here's me in concert (I come in at 1:07):

I love hiking and kayaking. I went on my first kayaking trip in Summer 2020 and since then the Vanderbilt ML armada has been terrorizing the rivers of Tennessee. I also enjoy traveling (pre- and hopefully post-COVID) and cooking various cuisines.